Allow customers to support the planet while buying.
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First of all, we are #low-profit.

What you get

Once you've installed our plugin, our cart container will be placed beneath your cart. From that moment on, customers are able to opt-in to pay a little extra to support fight climate change.



The dashboard gives you an overview about the popularity and impact of wonderflower on your site. Also, you can see all compensated orders and different customization settings to individually adapt the plugin to your site.



Lean back and let your customers enjoy our nicely designed cart container with the rainbow border. Furthermore, the container also adapts automatically to different themes.


Easy installation

Unlike other similiar plugins, you don't have to worry about digging into your themes code to place any code. We automatically recognize your theme and place the necesarry snippet on the front-end without editing your theme.

Why choose us?

Our Why

We are honestly frustrated. In 2035, the Arctic Ocean could be ice free in summer for the first time in 2 million years…🤯 We don't want to sit at home doing nothing so we build a Shopify plugin on our own because we believe that customers are going to be more happy with the product(s) if they support the environment along with their order.


The donations we collect through our merchants are forwarded to GoldStandard® projects. You can see a list of projects here. After the transfer has been confirmed you'll be notified with a proof of payment via email from us.

Bigger impact

Unlike other apps we are going to transfer 94% of the donation to the project. The rest is needed to cover internal costs to operate the server and employees. Other apps tend to forward only 70-80 % of the collected amount.


We distinguish between three types of carbon offset projects; each playing an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects we support through GoldStandard® are validated and verified to meet the highest standards.

Energy Efficiency

​Energy efficiency projects reduce energy use now, providing the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions and save individuals and businesses money today.


Forest conservation removes CO2 from the air and into trees and soil, helping communities and wildlife. Deforestation accounts for 20% of global carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

​Renewable energy - wind, solar, hydro, methane reductions - reduce carbon emissions today, spur investment in clean technologies and help create a low-carbon economy tomorrow.

Our Team



With his stunning personality he always brings in good vibes for the team to find creative solutions for big challenges.



Merchants are in best hands when dealing with Tiphaine because she exactly knows their needs and challenges.



Developing software that puts our ideas into reality is Christians motivation to wake up in the morning.

Merchant's feedback

You can ask us as many questions as you like.

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